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    In 2007, Legacy 166 was created to reduce the effects of Intergenerational Poverty through the Arts, Culture, Education, and Community Collaborations. This vehicle was chosen because Arts, Culture, and Education touches every child and most adults in some manner across the country either by direct participation or daily exposure. Legacy 166 has a self-imposed mandate to present a wide variety of performances and establish programs to introduce the Arts to children and adults of diverse cultures along the Gulf Coast.

    Of course, in order to showcase quality performances and to provide programs for our children we have to raise funds. Ticket sales and grants only cover a portion of our expenses, which means we must raise the rest through the generosity of our patrons and supporters who believe Legacy 166 will deliver the kind of excellence on the stage and in our programs that will benefit children, teachers, aspiring artists, and underserved communities. That's why your Membership is truly vital to our mission and financial well-being. 

   Your contribution can be designated to support our GAP (Graduation through Arts Participation) Initiative, to purchase books for our Literacy Program, or to support our Music and Mentoring Program. All contributions are tax-deductible less the fair market value of any benefits received. You play an integral part in all of these experiences, and your gift makes all the difference! If you have questions about ways to help support Legacy 166, please call us anytime at (251) 533-5726. Make a contribution today!


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