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Literacy Program Book Donation

Legacy 166 recognizes the importance of promoting reading at an early age.  The Reading and Theatre program provides free books to Pre-K through 3rd grade students. Book donations can be made to

individual students, a classroom or school.​

   In 2007, Legacy 166 was created t reduce the effects of intergenerational poverty through  participation in the Arts, Culture, Education and Community Collaborations. Our goal is to   present a variety of performances and establish programs to introduce the Arts to children  and  adults along the Gulf Coast.

  Providing quality performances and programs for our children requires funding. Although ticket sales and grants cover a portion of the expenses, Legacy 166 depends on the support of our patrons and supporters to help us deliver excellence on the stage  and in our programs that will benefit children, teachers, aspiring artists, and underserved communities. That's why your membership is vital to our mission and financial well being. Your contribution will support the   following:

​​​After School Program

​​Our after-school program gives elementary and middle school students in underserved communities an opportunity to participate in Dance, Theatre, Art, and Photography.​​​

Our Programs

Become a sponsor by buying books, donating a musical instrument or sponsoring children in after school program. To learn more contact Legacy 166.​ 

Phone: 251- 533- 5726     Email: info

Arts. Culture. Education.

Join Us

Help make a difference.

Music and Mentoring Instrument  Buyback Program

Trade your musical instrument for tickets to Legacy 166

performances or donate them to our program for a tax deductible donation or a combination of the two. ​Donated instruments will be used in our Music and Mentoring Program. ​​